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About Us

Muscle Essentials is a brand of Roseate Medicare whose aim is to promote a fitter and healthier lifestyle in India. Through Muscle Essentials Roseate Medicare aims to provide an easy way to meet the daily diet requirements and provide various nutrients which one is not able to derive from natural foods. It is said that if a person is able to control his diet and follows it diligently he does not require supplements. At Muscle Essentials we completely agree to this. But what we also understand that following such a diet is not easy. Even the most deligent hard workers resort to these supplementation as they know that through diet alone their calorie, protein, fats and carbohydrate goals cannot be achieved. After doing a proper survey we found that supplements may be cheaper than eating natural foods. To overcome these problems and make the lives of everybody easy Muscle Essentials was born. Since this brand has just been launched only they have taken only three products. Two of them are still in development phase and the tthird one will be launched within the first week of April.

Mission and Vision


Improve and save lives of the millions. Roseate Medicare is a young and dynamic healthcare company with a vision to improve and save lives. It strongly believes that a greater India can only be achieved through a healthier India and their efforts exemplify this vision which they behold. With manufacturing practices at par with industry leaders, they offer quality products with an unparalleled customer service experience. Their goal is to become the foremost healthcare provider in northern region of India with plans to dominate all spheres of the pharmaceutical industry both nationally and internationally. As part of their plan, they have recruited top management and industry experts from across the country and have established a world class manufacturing facility. As time demands, they update our facilities and staff to remain competent in the industry. We also pride ourselves in having developed a work culture pertinent to the kind of service and products our customers desire and such efforts have resulted in a promising growth in the last decade.


A Greater India through a Healthier India Its mission is to achieve “A Greater India through a Healthier India” and jointly improve and save lives of those millions of people who are not provided with quality medicines. The aim of the company is to provide quality medicines at an affordable rate.