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About MuscleEssentials

About MuscleEssentials:-

Muscle Essentials, an emerging health supplement company. At MuscleEssentials, we offer high-quality supplements at affordable prices. Our company was founded to tackle the adulterated supplement market that exists in India. We import our ingredients from around the globe and package them at our facility right here in India. Currently, we are selling 17 products both online and offline (list attached).

Our online presence includes our own website www.muscleessentials.in, Amazon.in, and Snapdeal.in.

We will also be shortly available on Flipkart.com. Offline our products are being consumed in leading gym chains across the country including Gold Gym. Recently, we also sponsored Gold Gym's marathon held in Ghaziabad.

We are in the process of launching additional 5 products. In addition to providing high-quality supplements, we endeavour to educate athletes and trainers about the same. We have a team of recognised athletes and trainers who are very willing to share their knowledge about supplements and their use. I would love to get on a call with you to discuss the possibility of organising an event at your institution.

Our Mission:

As per a joint report by ASSOCHAM and RNCOS, 60-70 percent of dietary supplements sold in India is either "fake, counterfeit, unregistered and unapproved." Furthermore, our research found that of the remaining products, there was only a handful that was high-quality supplements. These supplements were imported and they bore a price tag that made them unaffordable to the common athlete. 

Tired of these low quality adulterated supplements and high-quality expensive alternatives, we found Muscle Essentials and set out to provide high-quality supplements at affordable prices. 

To ensure the best quality, we import our ingredients from across the globe. For example, our protein is sourced from USA where advancements in technology have allowed manufacturing of the highest quality protein. In addition, our protein choice also adds a lot of value to our offering. We only procure 100% cross flow filtered whey. Crossflow filtered whey is considered to be the purest form of whey as its manufacturing is free of chemicals. Likewise, all our ingredients are of the best quality and are sourced after careful deliberation.

Once procurement is done, all the ingredients are processed at an FSSAI approved facility right here in India. Prior to shipment, each batch is tested at our state of the art laboratory, and at a government-approved laboratory.  

By importing protein and other ingredients in their raw state instead of finished products, we save on shipping and customs costs. We pass on the benefits of these savings to our end user thereby ensuring affordable prices.