Welcome to Muscle Essentials Ambassadors Program

Muscle Essentials Ambassador Program has been developed for athletes and trainers who want to get the latest updates on fitness and health. The role of an Ambassador is vital to the success of Muscle Essentials and is key to promoting the message of fitness and health within your hometowns and the country. As an ambassador, you will be trained by our nutrition and fitness experts to enable you to educate and train others. 

Advantages of joining us as an Ambassador:

  • Access to the latest trends in fitness & nutrition.
  • Access to nutritionist and fitness experts to help you enhance your knowledge. 
  • Insider access to all Muscle Essentials events across the country. 
  • Opportunity to earn your own whey and other supplements. 
  • Get free Muscle Essentials accessories. 
  • Be the first to try our new supplements before others. 
  • Get privileged access to full time and part time employment opportunities across the country. 


To join our Muscle Essentials Ambassador Program,  

If you want to know more about the program, email: info@muscleessentials.in